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About Survey Sidekick

Survey Sidekick was designed by the EdLab to provide all the tools needed to effectively design and deploy a scientifically sound survey.

Survey Sidekick helps ensure a survey is based on sound principles, allowing you to not only get the right results from the right questions from the right people, but generalize the results as well. A streamlined interface and point-of-action advice, providing tips as you design your survey, let you easily and efficiently get the results you want.

To get started, just create an account. If you have an account on Vialogues, New Learning Times, Research Broker, Ednode, or Pundit, you can use your account on Survey Sidekick as well.

Who is Survey Sidekick for?

Many of the features were developed for academic researchers in education, sociology, psychology, and public health, but it can and should be used by anyone and everyone looking to create a sound survey!